Project 1 - Acton w3 (complete)

Single family home transformed into two luxury apartments.


Couture Homes had just obtained planning permission to turn this three bedroom derelict house into two high-end luxury apartments in Acton, W3. Following a lengthy tender process we were selected as the preferred contractor due to our extensive interior design experience and the ability to maximise the value of the apartments. In view of this, the developer gave us complete autonomy to design both the interior and exterior of the building and as such we have exceeded the ceiling price for the street. The developer was so impressed with what we had achieved, they have now purchased a second plot locally with a view to using us for this.


Project 2 (COMPLETE)

Single family home transformed into two luxury apartments.

shower room.jpg
layout ground floor.jpg

This is our second project with Couture Homes (see project 1 above). The client had obtained planning permission to turn this three bedroom house into two high-end luxury apartments. As with project 1, we were commissioned to undertake all interior and exterior works, including: interior design, layout design, landscaping, etc. As you can see the end result is stunning and both flats were under offer in the first week of sale.


Project 3 - hayes ub3 (complete)

New build 3 bedroom family home.


This is a joint venture project where we found the plot of land, obtained planning permission  and built the house. Our JV partner invested the money to purchase and build the house.


Purchase price of plot: £100,000

Build cost (including legals): £150,000

Value (GDV): £450,000

Profit (split equally): £200,000


Project 4 (in development)

Bungalow demolition replaced by two luxury homes.

3d front view 2.jpg

A local Maidenhead-based developer was looking for a reliable contractor to build two new luxury houses for which they had just obtained planning permission. We were recommended to the client by a previous investor we had worked for. We were shortlisted and eventually won the tender due to our the professionalism of our proposal and our unique deisgn ideas designed to maximise the total value of the plots. The bungalow has now been demolished and build is underway. Watch this space for updates.


Project 5 (planning approved - coming soon)

Bungalow demolition replaced by nine luxury apartments. Coming Summer 2018.

ruislip road.png
43 ruislip rd-1.png

This is a joint venture where an opportunity came to us directly. We found the deal, we negotiated terms, we obtained planning permission and we arranged the building funds. The final piece of the jigsaw was to find a local armchair investor to finance the purchase in a hands-off way resulting in a win/win for both the investor and contractor. More information on this new project to follow soon.


Purchase price of plot: £600,000

Build cost (including legals): £1.2M

Value (GDV): £2.5M

Profit (split equally): £1.3M