About us




Our years of interior design experience means we work closely with clients to transform their living spaces to suit their tastes and lifestyles. We consider everything from light, texture, use of space and materials to create tasteful, contemporary homes. Our suggestions are complimentary alongside any of our building projects, or available on request as a bespoke stand-alone option. Our projects are completed to a precise standard of excellence attained, in part, through our experience at renowned interior design firms.



iDream Developments was founded by Cham Sekhon in 2010. Cham originally studied as an interior designer, consulting for several world renowned property developers and then went on to qualify in building & construction to broaden and complement his skills.  Cham took over his father's construction business in 2010 following a 20 year history in the industry and amalgamated his interior design company to create iDream Developments. It is Cham's interiors background and eye for style and detail that underpins iDream’s exceptional reputation and signature style. Starting with just 3 staff. iDream now has 28 employees including 5 project managers. 

“iDream is about creating living spaces in your home that reflect your lifestyle and interests. We offer much more than a standard building company, in that we also provide interior design advice and lead clients through each project from concept to creation. We consider every aspect of the space before building.”
— Cham Sekhon - Founder